Finished Installation

Partek works with clients throughout North America, and remains one of the last independent lift manufacturers, focusing solely on the fixed grip market.

Modern and Practical Designs

Partek manages all aspects of design, production, warehousing and distribution of chair lifts. . .

With only the finest quality components.

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Customized Service

Partek provides personal attention to every aspect of the manufacturing, installation and service of lifts.

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Partek Lifts: Modern, practical designs and finest quality components: cables, gear reducers, and drive systems.

Partek: Best Choice for Parts and Service

Lift Design Features

1Using only the finest components, cables, gear reducers and drive systems, Partek lifts incorporate modern yet practical designs in every aspect of the manufacturing, installation and service of its customized double, triple, and quad fixed grip chair lifts. .

Custom Installations

2Partek remanufactures and installs used Borvig lifts. Partek also manufactures new chairs to fit virtually any grip design, providing customers cost effective solutions for replacing or modifying older lifts.

Location and Service

3 Partek maintains its office and manufacturing facility in Pine Island, NY, a 14 acre site with 14,200 square feet of manufacturing space and separate offices.

Huge Parts Inventory

4An additional 3200 square foot warehouse stores a large inventory of parts for Partek and Borvig lifts, providing greater flexibility in addressing the needs of customers.